Tuesday, 15 November 2011

International Women's Day Poster for March 8, 2012

Painted illustration for Poster.
I painted the final traditionally by using Caran D'ache water-soluble wax pastels with a brush. I scanned it into photoshop to touch up a few last details, added the type and crop marks and sent it off.

Colour Sketch

I added colours in photoshop. Using photoshop to do a colour comp is a much more convenient way to play with colour options than doing it traditionally. Sent it in for colour approval before going starting the final painting.

Revised Sketches

We all liked the concept in #4 with the women as stairs. 
I created 2 sketches with different types of females. 
Scanned it in to make some more changes in Photoshop.

Preliminary rough sketches ideas

Preliminary rough sketches ideas for this 2012 poster for International Women's Day for the Ontario Federation of Labour. This year's theme and concept was to have women helping other women up stairs with the word union on the side of the stairs.